Let the games begin

mándalo por "meil"

Remember me (?)

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Once Ii've left everything ready for you to amuse yourselves with geeky-high tech features on my blog, lets procede with the very firts post.

Once my whole world collapsed on a freaky friday, I've decided to have a clean new start. Major changes have been made to my former lifestyle. No more beating employees, or calling servants.. eer servants. I hope one day I'll rejoin myself with my previous popularity, but for now I'm keeping myself silent and aware of all those silly monkeys who plan to attack my empire

End of first transmision

4 Responses to “Let the games begin”

  1. Blogger Everything Nice 

    I am not silly monkey, nor will I attack your empire. But I would like to link you.... so, impress me you rich bastard you.

  2. Blogger Tu tio Truman 

    So you speak english and spanish?

  3. Blogger Tu tio Truman 

    anything is good when you end a 7 month relationship and try to get involved in the world again, specially with women, not so easy believe me.

  4. Blogger lata latoso 


    the first transmission was received. but... what are you gonna do when all your enemies find your blog?

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