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mándalo por "meil"

Remember me (?)

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Not bad for a first post, having 3 comments, well 2 if you go ballistic on me, and don´t forget that tag message. I remember my first blog, it wasn't till i displayed my beautiful self on the profile pic that comments really started to flood my page. BUT , I made a promise to myself, this time i would remain anonymous .

I thought i was committed to serve a death row, staying home every single night after that friday. Fortunately, i managed to visit my friends yesterday. they greeted me with a: "look who's back from the dead".

Well, i'm not back, not yet. I am still not free.

It feels much better you know, cuz I know that once they've mellowed, everything will go back to "normality".

I really miss all that stuff we did, the bonding, the laughs, etc. Now, all I've got is just a smile and the hope of rejoining them every now and then.

I never realized how much i wanted to be with them till yesterday.



8 Responses to “Not good enough... yet”

  1. Blogger Victoria Moon 

    Hi there! Having a good time with friends is always refreshing.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  2. Blogger Everything Nice 

    Hey you. I am lost. Never seeing your previous posting I have to assume either you've committed mass murder and are on the run, are an ex-con and newly released, or you've endured a really interesting sex change.

    Well, which is it honey, I'm waiting!

  3. Blogger dave 

    i am an axe murderer on the run cuz my boyfriend escaped form jail, where we got married

  4. Blogger Tu tio Truman 

    oh so you are a girl.... interesting. I thought you was a boy. It's hard be anonymous after some fame.

  5. Blogger PIOTRO MARTINI 

    jajajaja creepy coments for a desperated and lonely soul

  6. Blogger dave 

    DESPERATE!!!! you never spell things correctly damn it!!

  7. Blogger lata latoso 


    so you feel free.

    so you think you will be smarter than all the rest.

    maybe... that is the sound of disaster.

    or maybe... the death path is comming to an end.

  8. Blogger dave 

    how tragic

    oohh the humanity!!!!

    well, drama queen after all

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